Executive Summary

Off the Cusp Group is an Investment Company which has investments in a diverse, yet aligned group, of digital transformation, digital marketing and incubation entities. The aim is to assist our customers with holistic transformation, and from a country perspective - to assist South Africa in the incubation of entrepreneurs and job creation.

To this end, OTC Group has sought to invest in companies who’s board’s have the ability to influence operational excellence across the spectrum of transformation, whether of people, processes or technologies.

OTC Group is a SocioCapital Company which seeks to share its success with key partner organisations in the sphere of NGO and PBO investments, and hence it is affiliated to the Healing Africa Foundation (HAF) who are ultimately beneficiaries of the OTC Group success.

Our Vision

Off the Cusp seeks to partner with technology and Incubation providers that provide bespoke solutions to niche business process requirements. Part of the vision is to grow and help export South African technology to the world and part of the vision is to augment South African solutions with global standards, thereby helping to evolve South African Society.

Our Mission

Off the Cusp has a mission to invest in companies for access to and development of: best-in class products, skills , services and business models which in turn help our customers identify and close any gaps in their operations as they move into a digital era. In addition, OTCG seeks to assist South Africa in areas of pressing needs - specifically job creation, entrepreneurship and value chain creation.

Ownership & Shareholding

OTC Group owns shares in the following Operational Companies

Paper Transition Technologies

Operational Risk


Information Technology


Business Innovation


Digital Transformation

Our Goals

Customer Delight.

Customer Centricity

To implement solutions that provide customers with a competitive edge or to deliver on complex solutions that are not freely available off-the-shelf

Digital Transformation

Help Customers move from the Analog world into the Digital Era or to augment Digital Solutions with more Streamlined (Straight-Through) Capabilities


Take South African Technologies to the World Help Incubate new South African Intellectual Property for Export Create “Soft Landings” for Local and International Entities


Find solutions to complex problems by partnering with niche providers and/or to deliver integrated solutions from multiple partners through rapid development platforms and unique business models.


Through our investments our areas of focus are:

Document Management

Straight Through Processing

Marketing and Branding

Incubation of Sustainable
Black Economic Entities


Aligned to the South African Business and Technology Incubation Association (SABTIA)

Cyber Security

Consulting and Remediation
Pen Testing (Cyber Eye)
Authentication and NIST Compliance


Microsoft CSP
IT Managed Services
Voice & Data Bundles

Education & RPL

Bespoke Curricula
Radio and TV Channels
Learning Guides

Operational Risk

Risk Mitigation across people, processes and technology

Application Development

Health and Safety

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Phone Number

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